About Callingwood

So what is Callingwood anyway?

Callingwood.tv was created by a group of people who love to do two different thing. The first thing is making music and the second is creating videos. If you combine those two interests what else could happen than creating music videos with passion and getting better and better at it?

And what does it stand for?

However Callingwood doesn’t only stand for music videos. Our goal is to become a platform for all kinds of musicians who want to present their songs as acoustic sessions. This means the artists are playing them live on acoustic instruments. There are no cuts in Callingwood Sessions, what you hear is what you see.

The last thing that Callingwood stands for, is original, authentic music that comes from the heart of the artists. We don’t care much about commercial music, in fact, we believe that there is a time and place for commercial and independent music. The time is now and Callingwood is the place for independent music.

Can I participate?

If your songs are honest and authentic and if they are coming from the bottom of your heart, Callingwood TV is the right place for you to share them.

For more information please contact us at info[at]callingwood.tv


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